caregiver and elderly woman looking over documents

What is an assisted living community?

An assisted living community is a residential setting that is licensed by the state to provide various degrees of assistance to seniors who may need help with completing activities of daily living. Residents and families coordinate directly with the community care team to determine the amount of care they need and what services they would like the community staff to provide them.

Is there a difference between assisted living services and memory care services?

There are some differences between assisted living services and memory care services in an assisted living community. A few notable differences are the added protections of increased supervision and security measures in a memory care neighborhood. Community team members receive additional training to understand how to help residents who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

How do I know what care level my loved one or I will need?

Our community care team will collect healthcare information from you and your physician and along with the completion of our healthcare evaluation, we will be able to determine the appropriate level of care for you. Together, you and our care team will review the care tool and create a care plan for the services and assistance you want us to provide.

elderly man talking on a cell phoneWhat is the best way to schedule a tour to learn more about BridgeWater Assisted Living?

Drop in visitors are welcome, or you can call our Community Benefits Advocate at 602-603-7482 to schedule a tour.

How much is the deposit to reserve an apartment?

There is no deposit required to reserve an apartment. An interested qualified senior only needs to complete a reservation request form for the available apartment.

How much is the move-in fee if I want to move in?

There is no move-in fee to live in a BridgeWater Assisted Living Community.

Is there someone I can talk to about options to pay for senior living?

Yes, we have an appointed Community Benefits Advocate who can help you discover benefits that may be available to assist you with covering the costs of independent living, assisted living, or memory care. Call 602-603-7482 to schedule an appointment or to speak with our Community Benefits Advocate.

Can I use a long-term care insurance policy to pay my rent and for care?

Many long-term care insurance policies do reimburse you for assisted living expenses. The requirements, the amount of the reimbursement, and the length of time you are eligible to receive your policy benefits will be based on your individual policy. Our Community Benefits Advocate can review your policy with you to help you determine if your expenses will be reimbursable.

Once I’m approved, how soon can I move in?

After you’ve been approved to move in, and all of your paperwork has been completed and signed, you can often make arrangements to move the same day.

What are the eligibility requirements to be income qualified?

To be considered ‘income qualified’ an individual or a couple must not receive an income of more than 60% of the area median income. The median income varies by city and state. Our Community Benefits Advocate can provide you community-specific information.

If I meet the qualifications, what do I do next?

The community will provide you with the appropriate Low-Income Housing Tax Credit paperwork, which will be subject to verification. The verification process may take up to seven business days.

I’m a military veteran. Are VA benefits available to me?

The VA wartime pension and Aid & Attendance benefit can help wartime veterans, veterans’ spouses and widowed spouses receive a pension to pay for assisted living. Learn more here.

Do you accept Medicaid?

We accept Medicaid funds and have a number of apartments set aside for Medicaid residents who are currently approved and receiving the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS), or those who live in the community and spend down their savings and qualify for ALTCS. More information can be obtained by contacting our Community Benefits Advocate at 602-603-7482.

Can I bring my own furnishings and belongings?

Yes, you will want to furnish your apartment with your favorite furnishings and treasured items. We encourage residents to create a home-like feel reflecting their own personal style.